Thursday, December 17, 2009


My baby sister Christan was in a photography class this past semester and as a result had access to a wicked sweet and mad pricey camera. I stole it one day in early December and wandered into the woods behind my house. There I found an old abandoned house which had only the foundation left. Here are some fun shots from my excursion into the wild:

First off, a shot of the creepy Virgin Mary statue we have displayed in our backyard:

This is the foundation of that house I found:

Some cool rusty stuff and sticks:

Some moss:

And lastly an awesome looking stump thingy-ma-bob:

I guess my angle for this shoot was when nature takes over civilization. Okay thats enough artsy fartsy for today. Coming up soon, some of my thrift store finds! (I finally got my hands on a camera!)

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