Monday, March 8, 2010

Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing the Long Island Sound

Sorry for the delay in posting lately guys, but unfortunately there was a death in the family and we went to Long Island to a attend the funeral. On our way back to Massachusetts, we took a ferry from Port Jefferson, NY to Bridgeport, CT. Port Jefferson is a picturesque sea-side town and it was so nice to be there on such a balmy spring day. We were only there for under an hour, so I tried to take advantage of the beautiful sights as best I could.
This isn't our ferry, just a pretty neat boat(And holy geezum, am I loving my craptastic camera right about now? I couldn't have asked for a better photo.)
And no, I was not wearing this Nautical Thrifted Gap tee on purpose. It just happened, I swear.
I love my $2.50 oxfords so dearly.

And because I don't take myself nearly too seriously, here I am imitating the Cap'n Morgan's pose. Class Act right there.

P.S. So something that totally made my weekend and cheered me right up was being mentioned By Erin on her little, tiny Calivintage blog. I'm sure none of you have ever heard about it ;)
All of your amazing comments make me smile too, thanks so much to all of you lovely, lovely people!

Although everything has happened,
nothing has happened.
The sea is very old.
The sea is the face of Mary,
without miracles or rage
or unusual hope,
grown rough and wrinkled
with incurable age.

-Excerpt From Anne Sexton's poem:
Letter Written on a Ferry while Crossing the Long Island Sound


  1. I love your outfit! And that looks so fun:) I love that Anne Sextons poem! You are just so lovely. x

  2. i adore this look, pretty much what i want to wear every day!

  3. I'm sorry about the death.
    I love your outfit though. :)
    It's so incredible seeing you grow and become known in the blogging world. When I first found you I was your third follower, now you have 53! Congrats!

  4. I just found you little Rosemud and I'm very happy at that! :)