Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's it all about, Rosie?

Yep, I'm bringing back the buns! I feel as though I have time traveled back to 8th grade with these little knobs on the top of my head and frankly I love them!

Outfit details: Vintage Lanz Jersey Dress...Thrift, Belt...thrift, Vans...Journeys, Sunglasses... Forever 21, Margaret Smith Purse...Antique Mall

AND Check out my most recent find... this beautiful Margaret Smith of Gardiner,Maine Purse. Back in NYC Betsy and I had found such an adorable vintage store, but everything was priced over $100 dollars. I had my eye on this same purse, only with a different fabric, which cost a mere $125! On a antiquing adventure this weekend, I found myself at an antique mall loaded with junk and could not believe my eyes when I looked up and saw this beauty! What luck and I snagged it at a mere fraction of what they were priced at the vintage store!

I just finished watching the Michael Caine Version of Alfie and my goodness is that man dreamy or what. Even with his womanizing ways in this movie, I cannot help but fall for his British charm. The girls who do fall victim to his Casanova like attitude are equally fantastic as I find myself wanting their bouffants and cat eye-makeup.

This bottom one isn't from the movie , but dear god! Do I want to super impose my head on that woman's body or what?!


  1. i love that dress on you! it's such a fun color. you look so great!

  2. fabulous! love that retro reference!


  3. that dress fits you so well! and i love the color! :-)


  4. Aww, my BFF always wears her hair like that, so I feel very tenderly toward anyone with that 'do! Love your dress.

  5. OOooo I love the idea of dress+sneakers! I just bought a pair myself and am eagerly waiting for its arrival in the mail. You look as cute as a button. *sigh~*

    Eve's Eden

  6. I used to do the buns myself. They look so cute on you!

  7. we love your dress, and yes that guy is dreamy! ;) haha. im so glad we stumbled across your blog because we REALLY like it! you are so cute!

    we are following you now!
    hope you will do the same! :D

    come visit us!!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  8. micheal cane... i'd love a bit of that! back in the day of course. those thick framed glasses - he looks delish! of course he's still quite the charmer now. i've been put off alfie because of the recent version, but if you recommend it, i must give it a go!