Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The air hung like angel dust around you

Hello all, I apologize for my lack of internet presence the past few weeks, and I really have no excuse except for sheer laziness. I've been keeping busy working, going to Boston, hiking, eating delicious foods, drinking my new favorite drink: Mate, and discovering some great new music. I've really been having a lot of fun!
I have some posts lined up over the next few days and hopefully I can get some momentum going from here on out and perhaps even update my etsy shop for the holiday season!

Yeah. So how's it been going with you guys?!

I took this photo a few weeks ago and really liked my outfit, but the other photos came out crummy. This is all that remains...


  1. Love this.
    Hair is great and love the vulnerable, feminine, youthful feel.

  2. bummer! i'd love to see more pics, but totally understand when those things happen. this looks great though :)

  3. I'm so glad to hear from you! Seems like you've been keeping busy ^,^
    I love this outfit! and even better is the slip dress!

  4. I really enjoy scrolling over the pages fo yoru blog!
    keep on doing your thing, girl!

  5. Please share the music you are enjoying! I love the picture, it's a shame the others did not turn out well

  6. Love how dreamy your photo is. Glad that you're back, but glad that you were enjoying yourself while you were gone!

    - JoAnn

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  7. Yay!! you are back and I really get so annoyed when photos don't come out right! But I think even this one photo is amazing :D very pretty!

    Ayesha x

  8. you have quite lovely style.

    dreamy photo.