Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Town





photos by Jeramy

Last weekend Jeramy and I headed into town to grab some coffee and look for some books and music. Jeramy lives way out in the boonies and "going into town" means going to an almost equally as small Peterborough, New Hampshire. Its exceedingly quaint with a river running through the downtown, laden with brick buildings, window store fronts, and a crumbling cemetery up on a hill. Peterborough was quaint enough that playwright Thornton Wilder, thought it would be a good setting for the very famous play "Our Town".

Its definitely a cute place and the best part of the day was walking into this little boutique named Alice Blue. I was infinitely inspired by this store, which occupied a small, teeny tiny house with clapboard haphazardly nailed to the outside. Inside you'll find a beautiful jewelry display with an antique glass case. There are a wide array of vintage photos and ephemera covering the walls of the too small front room. Up the sinking, narrow staircase you'll find more goodies. Owning a small boutique that sold vintage clothing alongside indie designers is what I want to do and Alice Blue just confirmed that.

Another exciting part of the day was that Jeramy tried his hand of photographing me! He did a good job, right?! Neither of us are particularly satisfied with my cameras and hope to find a way to take better pictures. He even has some photo shoots and excursions in mind for me. What a guy! Thanks Jeramy~


  1. sounds just like vermont(except upside down, of course)! this jeramy is quite a fellow--he must really like you ;)

  2. Great photos. I grew up in Concord and I don't think I've ever been to Peterborough! It's definitely a pretty area of the state though. Granite State!


  3. You're very welcome, Love. I am glad it was an inspiring and exciting visit.

    Very nice post ~ ~ ~

  4. you're welcome!
    I really like your style and you left a comment in spanish so I already like you hahah
    No he viajado por todo Chile, pero sí por el sur y es muy bonito :)

  5. you look very cool for a nice little excursion! I'm not happy with my camera either, but I'm too cheap to spend more money on it :D

  6. Lovely shoes. I have a pair that look a lot like them but wow! Yours are way prettier!

  7. I love the quaintness of tiny New England towns. I was actually in NH and Boston this time last year. I spent NYE in New Market. :)

  8. I think he did a good job! Although you live in such a picturesque area that it's almost impossible to take a "bad" picture because your surroundings are so amazing!

    Happy New Year!


  9. my town was the same way - we just got our first walmart a couple of years ago, and before that, it was just a grocery store, gas station, and a farmer's market.