Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ghost legs

Outfit Details: Blouse, Leather Skirt...Thrifted, Thigh highs...Target, T-strap clogs...Forever 21

This outfit was inspired by the lovely Emily of It Girl Rag Doll. I simply adore her effortless, vintage style. She has been rocking a similar up-do lately and I decided to try it out myself via this Scissor Sisters tutorial.

So as you can tell, New England continues to be schooled by mother nature in the snow department. The past week was spent holed up with a nasty cold watching all five seasons of Daria on DVD. OH and I got a new job as a customer service associate with a major financial planning company! I get benefits and get to wear awesome fancy work clothes, instead of the drab all black waitressing get-up. Win! 

...And what up with my camera making my legs look like they're disappearing??


  1. Oh, I love her blog too! This look is wonderful and really does lok lovely. I absolutely LOVE the leather skirt - it's something I really, really need to look out for.
    Congrats on the new job, I'm looking for one, myself! Hopefully I get the same luck, haha.

  2. The color of that blouse is really stunning on you! (The clogs are great, too; I can't believe they're from Forever21!)

    And congratulations on your job! I've worked at a children's gymnastics school for the past few years, so when I got an internship in the marketing department of an art museum, I was psyched to be able to wear grown-up clothes rather than sweatpants!

  3. I have a leather skirt I've been unsure of how to wear without being overly provocative, this outfit gave me some great ideas of how to wear it, thanks. red lipstick suits you too

  4. I AM SO TIRED OF THE SNOW!!!!! and i live in arkansas, i can't imagine how annoyed you guys must be getting. but in other news, i love this blouse! it's such a gorgeous color on you and especially with the snow in the background and the other neutrals in your outfit.

  5. Gorgeous!! I love the bright colours against the snow, and your shirt is such a nice shape.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. Fab outfit! Congratulations on the new job, AND, Daria on dvd.. haha.. awesome! !!!xxxxxxxx


  7. wow! amazing shsot=)
    have a lok at our last post!
    we are now following you!

  8. we must be on the same wave length, i've been drooling over that hair too, i just posted about it earlier. you look great!

  9. This is awesome. That blouse is so elegant & I like the edgy leather skirt. I reaaaally want a leather pencil skirt. Props to you for taking outdoor photos. This constant snowfall is starting to get to me and I haven't felt much inspiration for taking out my camera.

  10. congrats on the new job! as someone who transferred from waitressing/barista-ing to a regular office job with benefits and, well, better pay by far, i have to say it's quite a nice change! your blouse is amazing, and i really love your hair like that!

  11. Cute look! I love your shoes! <3

    Congrats on the new job! I'm hoping for a change of careers as well. At the moment I work for a lady who runs a home day care, but I applied for a job at Starbucks the other day, and I have my fingers crossed!

    ~ Katie

  12. Congrats on the job, and on watching ALL of Daria. Now put on a coat before you catch cold again!

  13. I love your top, the color is so pretty! And omg haha my legs look like ghost legs too...come on sun!


  14. you have amazing style. following your gorgeous blog