Monday, February 14, 2011

to write about love

* title of post is a song by Belle and Sebastian



Outfit Details: Sweater, Velvet J. Crew Dress...thrifted,Swiss Dot Tights...NY& Co., Suede Botines...Target

Happy Valentines everybody! Sorry I'm not looking too loving in my photos today. I was rather annoyed with my camera which I had to prop up on a chair due to the fact the cheap thingy that holds the camera to the tripod snapped off. I'm thinking because my camera is about to bite the dust, I may invest in a Digital SLR as a "I've got a big girl job" now present.

So besides my crummy camera, I am in a really good mood! Jeramy and I had a nice and relaxing weekend and although neither one of us are big advocates for Valentine's Day we decided to get all dressed up and go out for dinner. He cleans up very well in a suit and tie, if I do say so myself. We also watched The Fountain, a very underrated film by Darren Arronofsky( the Director of Black Swan).

Well, I hope all of you have a great day filled with much love...and chocolate. Copious amounts of chocolate.


  1. i actually love the mood of these photos!! and i hope you have a wonderful valentines day!

  2. Ahhhh The Fountain is my favorite Aronofsky film. Hehe I have a lot to say about that!!! I love that sweater, it is so adorable! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a while, but I'm back and if you haven't heard, I started a new blog! Hope you'll check it out sometime!

    I think you should definitely get a DSLR. It makes a huge difference. I didn't want to get a blog until I got a DSLR! If you need any help or recommendations, feel free to ask me! I'm such a camera nerd!

  3. <3 the B&S referenence. ^_^

    That sweater looks so cozy. I also love those tights. I used to have a pair but my friend's dog ripped them when she hopped up on me. GRRR. I have to get more, they make everything cuter.

    I'd love to hear what camera you decide on getting! DSLRs are a great thing.

  4. loverrrrrly.



  5. I'll have to check out the fountain!
    I love your velvet skirt and those tights!! xxxxxxxx

  6. oh man we did wear the same tights! im in love with them. and the night did end well for me, when i got out of work at midnight i saw my boyfriend left flowers on my windshield for me! and he had cleaned the apartment!

  7. you look beautiful despite the pains of a cruddy tripod! love how your nails pop with this look, lady.

  8. You are so beautiful! and so are these pictures.
    Hope you had a wonderful valentines day.

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  9. Cable knit sweaters and swiss dot tights are both amazing. Clearly this outfit is as well.

  10. I can't even express in words how much I like that sweater. Okay, maybe I just did.