Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Thing in the Spring


Its usually Jeramy's thing to blog reviews of music, but since this past weekend all we did was rock out to awesome jams at a tiny music fest called The Thing in the Spring, I could not resist doing a post about the music. Over the course of three days, we got to see a plethora of artists ranging from metal to experimental to folk. The shows mainly were held in the Peterborough Historical Society Hall, but some shows were held outside (one on top of the roof of the Toadstool Bookstore), and one at the local Harlow's Pub.

The weekend was kicked off by Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth who played for the first time with his new band Flowers and Cream. There was a wide variety of music to hear, but my favorites to see were a localish band called MMoss(its pronounced like the green stuff that grows on trees, but I like to refer to them as "Mah-moss"). They are like a 1960's psychadelic rock band who has a chick who plays the flute and the organ at the same time. Pretty rad.

MMoss at Harlow's Pub

Another fave to see was Cokeweed a band from Bar Harbor, ME. Although the female lead vocal shrugged me off when I complimented her on her amazing Rachel Comey boots, I still ended up buying their CD I enjoyed their set so much. They sound like She and Him, only less sweet and sugary and more coke and um....weed.

Last but not least, Giraffes?Giraffes! or was it Giraffes!Giraffes? Either way this duo from Northwestern, MA really know how to put on a show. Earplugs were a must as they math rocked their way through an upbeat and technical set.

It was a cool weekend especially since, the "music scene" in NH gets a bad reputation for not really exisiting, but it does, you just have to seek it out. I always thought I had to go to Bonnaroo or Coachella to see interesting bands that I would enjoy, but that is totally not the case in Peterborough! I cannot wait now to see the Show Before the Snow coming this late fall! 
Giraffes?Giraffes! at the Peterborough Historical Society

MMoss Bandcamp
Cokeweed Myspace 


  1. Man it sounds like it was so good!! I would of loved to hear Thurston Moore's band. Giraffes?Giraffes! sounds great too. :)

  2. thanks for the writeup rosie! unfortunately, we're just sticking with one event a year... it takes about 10 months to plan, promote, and organize, so no show before the snow anymore...

    there are great shows at the Toadstool in peterborough a couple of times a month too!

  3. Thank you, Rosie, for supporting Coke Weed! I vow to be friendlier next time!