Friday, October 28, 2011

The Logging Trail

Outfit details: Jacket...UO, Highwaisted jeans...BDG, Mustard Crop Top...Thrifted, Circle Scarf...Forever 21, Acorn Necklace... Madewell
So I'm jealous of Jeramy's new iPhone... every single one of these pictures was taken with it. We had so much fun last weekend taking photos with it on an old logging trail. I think I just found my new favorite spot to take pictures. There is so much beautiful and different types of scenery and barely anybody goes out there, perfect since i get camera shy in front of people (irrational, I know, since I have no fear of spreading my photos on the internet). It ended up being a nice fall weekend. I made homemade pumpkin lattes (shot of espresso, tbs of pumpkin pie from a can,  dash of vanilla, steamed milk, and cinnamon) I also made some butternut squash soup with yummy veggies in it. Jeramy is successfully turning me into a nerd, since he's already got me hooked on Dr. Who, he thought I might want to give the show Battlestar Galactica a try so we snuggled on the couch eating soup and started watching that. It really was an ideal fall weekend. Its our first anniversary this weekend, so we have some plans to celebrate. Hope you all have a fall-tastic weekend!


  1. whoa! these photos are gorgeous!!!! i might be a little jealous of the new iphone too :) and your hair looks amazing!

  2. These picture were taken with an iphone? It looks amazing!

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Totally obsessed with your hair in these pictures!

  4. I love your hair so pretty! those booties are amazing :) Nice to see more of you Rosie



  5. The fourth picture reminds me of a 1930s film star shot, but in contempory surrounds/clothing. Great photos, can't belive they weren taken on an I-phone!

  6. I'm so excited to have found your blog, love it! :)

  7. these are amazing. you look so truly stunning. also, i'm a big dr, who nerd. :)

  8. First off, these photos are awesome and you look GORGEOUS! That blouse is the best color of all.

    Secondly though... that necklace!! What a sad, sad story I have about that necklace. My cousin and were joking about being too broke too buy each other a Christmas present one year, and we said we would have to make each other jewelry out of acorns or something instead, and then on Christmas she gave me that exact necklace! It was my absolute favorite. And then one fateful day in Pittsburgh I lost the bottom part at some dumb party and was heartbroken. I still wear it without the bottom but obviously it looks silly, I just wear it for sentimental reasons. Anyway, I like that you have it. haha I don't know why I told you the whole story. :]

  9. Your style is so down to earth. I love the acorn necklace.
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  10. you are making me miss New Hampshire like mad. These are beautiful and I love your acorn necklace.