Monday, November 28, 2011

all the leaves are brown

Saturday was a nice warm day, warm enough to get away with just a sweater and tights. Although many of the leaves have fallen off the trees, I've managed to keep the brilliant fall leaves in my barrette! I got this barrette at the gift shop at Parker's Maple Barn and though it was just the neatest thing. Its made from real maple leaves from Vermont that have been preserved through some sort of shellac. Jeramy snapped these photos when we were walking around Peterborough, NH to go to Broke: The Affordable Arts Fair, where a lot of local starving artists sell their art for next to nothing. There were so many photos to choose from since Jeramy used both his iPhone and my Nikon. I'm truly flabbergasted with how well the new iPhone takes photos. It totally rivals my DSLR! Here are a few outfit shots from the day:
Outfit Details: Barrette...Parker's Maple Barn, Acorn Necklace...Madewell, Cardigan & Tights...Target, Sheer Polka-dot blouse... Urban outfitters,  Green Denim High-waisted Pencil skirt...American Apparel, Chelsea Boots...Asos


  1. Love this! It's quite perfect for fall.

  2. Oh my! Perfect outfit for a sunny autumn day.... but i LOVE your barette! It's so pretty! It's from a local shop, right?

  3. Your Autumn brooch is the most perfect thing ever! <3 I don't think I could resist wearing it year-round!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. I love these pictures Rosie, don,t you just love Fall :)

  5. The last picture is too wonderful for words. <3 Gorgeous.