Tuesday, November 15, 2011

just beachy

It was my Momma's big 5-0 the other day and she wanted to spend it at the beach. I know, in November, but we bundled up anyway and had a good time walking up the New Hampshire coast. Afterward we went to Portsmouth for lunch I had half of a Ruben and some split pea ham soup. We also went shopping and I got a chance to stop by my favorite vintage store there called The Odd Showroom (the owner has an etsy store where she crochets some really cool garments) and bought a hunter green blouse which is to die for.
Not only did I purchase a little goody for myself, but I started the dreaded xmas shopping! Can you believe that its not even Thanksgiving and radio stations are playing carols and the stores have their decorations up?!? I feel like every year it comes earlier and earlier and we just end up getting rushed through it all and do not get a chance to enjoy the holiday season. Seriously America, chill out with the Christmas.
Other than that ridiculous and random( and necessary ?) rant about Christmas, I wanted to thank you all for the warm wishes about Jeramy's father. Its going to be a long recovery, but everyday he is getting stronger and stronger. Continue to send positive thoughts.



  1. You look incredible! Happy birthday to your mother.

  2. I love the Odd Showroom! I haven't been to Portsmouth since last December I think, now I really want to go. Happy birthday to your mom! My mom's 50th is coming up fairly soon too. :)

  3. These are beautiful pictures. I love the beach and that shell washed up is surreal.