Saturday, January 28, 2012



Why these girls look so bored and annoyed in this lookbook, I don't know. Its springtime and you're wearing the most adorable clothes ever! Seriously now, crack a smile! At least you aren't wearing 19 layers of clothing and still feel cold and don't have dry skin that itches like a mofo. Maybe its because the one chick has to wear lame easter bunny ears and pose on a toilet. Okay, I'll admit the bathroom is a pretty color that matches the pants and all, but really?! Not such a natural setting, although I do frequent bathrooms with my best girl friends, but we don't stand there and pose looking all bored like that with one foot on the toilet....
Anyway, I love the girlishness and easy breeziness of the styling with classic denim. Saddle shoes have always been a favorite ever since my sister Sarah and I had our own pairs when we were little, hers pink, mine classic black. The cute bow barrettes are something I am going to have to find/ make? I smell a DIY project! All in all, perfect spring inspiration. Now if only, the winter months will disappear?


  1. so lurvely. great style inspiration for the warmer season ahead!

  2. I love your photos, the last one is amazing!
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