Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love seeing what other people lug around in their purses and have been itching to do a post of my own for   ages and finally got around to doing it! Of course I carry all my stuff with my favorite tote by Fieldguided, I used my There is Thunder in our Hearts bag so much that it is nearly falling apart so I recently purchased another tote! Its bigger than the last too, all the better to put more junk in...
I usually just carry around the essentials:
-My phone (when I don't forget it). The thing is a dinosaur, but I've never really felt the need for a fancy smart phone until recently when Jeramy got the new iPhone. I may end up buying one with my tax return.
-I always have a plethora of lipstick and balm. The Korres lip butter in Wild Rose is my new favorite. It tinges your lips perfectly with a smear of pink.
-I'm always jotting down random thoughts and poetry so inky black pens and a notebook is always with me.
- Some Altoids to keep my breath fresh
- A barrette to keep my hair back( always tortoise shell).
- Sunglasses, I love these Ray Ban Clubmaster rip-offs from Forever 21.
- Olo Violet Leather fragrance that I bought from Frances May during our Portland, OR trip.
- A book to read. Still trucking through Kate Chopin's Awakening. I tend to read a lot of books at once so sometimes it takes me awhile to get through something.
- Car keys to get me from point A to B. The Mickey Mouse keychain is super old. I got it when I went to Disney World the first time when I was 6. It is still the only souvenir I have found with my name, Rosemary on it.
-Cat wallet, I found it thrifting awhile back. I think its an old glasses case, but I've been using it to hold my money and cards. Its not the best for organization, but I love it for obvious reasons.


  1. Oh wow your bag looks JUST like mine! i need to try the Wild Rose lip balm though right now i have the mango, which is also pretty good! i just love korres x

    1. Fieldguided totes are my favorite bag ever. They match with everything. I highly recommend the Wild Rose it is such a nice tint !

  2. I really like your bag...and what you have in there !, x