Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As the summer comes to a glorious end, I have one more special post to share of my disposable camera series, as I just got my last roll of film back. As a long time follower of Amy Merrick's blog, I happened across one day that she was going to be holding a flower arranging class at her family's vacation home, Elmwood, which is coincidentally no more than a half hour down the road in Hancock, New Hampshire. I immediately knew that this was a class that I wanted to take as I had been under Amy's floral spell for quite some time and she bewitched me into wanting to learn how to abracadabra a bouquet myself. I could not have had more of a great time in the company of everybody that I met,the beautiful flowers that I got to touch and possess, not to mention our hostess' hospitality and the charm of the Elmwood Estate. I could not get over the way my hands smelled after cutting flowers for my arrangements. If I could have bottled up that scent I would have. I think I would have bottled up everything and taken it home with me because it was such a lovely time and I could not be more grateful that I had the opportunity to spend my afternoon at Elmwood. ELMWOODELMWOODELMWOODELMWOOD
This last photo of me was taken for me by Parker Fitzgerald who was there documenting the event. He captured perfectly how happy this day made me.


  1. Oh my goodness, this looks so magical! What an awesome opportunity! That last photo of you is really marvelous.

  2. So so happy you came, and excited to spend more time with you there next spring ;)

  3. the last photograph is just perfect! :) xo

  4. looks like it was dreamy, lady!


  5. What a beautiful post. That seems like the perfect dream to be there and learn from Amy. I, too, am bewitched by her genius. Your blog is so lovely.

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