Saturday, March 24, 2012


I had this past Friday off from work as I needed a long weekend to clear my head and rejuvenate. I could not have chosen a better day off. The sun was shining and I did not have to worry about a coat. I decided I wanted to drive out to Portsmouth, NH. Its probably (next to Keene and Peterborough) my favorite town in NH. It has adorable shops and restaurants and has ocean views. Nestled in the downtown is Strawberry Banke, an old Colonial Village. I've been a few times mainly on school field trips. They would have actors dressed in traditional garb, re-enacting village life. For some reason, maybe because it was off season (???) The place was deserted and anybody was free to roam the premises. I got lost for over an hour and a 1/2 exploring the grounds and taking far too many photos of the gorgeous houses painted in the prettiest assortment of pastel rainbow colors.  There was also my dream greenhouse. You guys, this place was a dream!!! I'm about to photo dump you guys, but this place was too amazing not for me to share everything! All photos taken with my brand new iPhone 4s!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Outfit Details: Peasant Blouse...Vintage(from my trip to OR), Skirt...Madewell (for only 20 bucks!!), Socks...Target, Shoes...Thrifted, Liberty of London Scarf...Thrifted

Its been a tough start to the year, my health has been not up to snuff and I'm starting to think that there might be something going on under the surface. I finally made myself a doctor's appointment to get a check up. I have a sneaking suspicion that my health woes are connected to me being too stressed out and generally unhappy. The other night, I had a break through of sorts, I made a list of daily rituals that I wanted to live everyday by and since have been implementing it as a type of mantra of how I want my day to go. Its been very helpful with my stress management. I thought I would share it with you all!

LOVE with all your heart
EAT healthy food and take the time to ENJOY it
TAKE at least 20 mins to WRITE down thoughts and ideas
GO outside and BREATHE
STRETCH the body and mind
SING along to a good song
HAVE a good conversation
SLEEP a good sleep