Saturday, March 2, 2013


 Spring must spring soon. These cold, overcast days and insane blizzards where I get buried up to my waist have an end in sight. March is upon us and the big thaw is imminent. I have vowed that once the first few crocuses peek through the muddy soil that I will start honing my floristry skills. The above photos were my first real crack at it this past summer at Elmwood. Not only do my floristry skills need some work, but my abandoned digital camera needs to be mastered as well (notice all of these photos are out of focus).

I must admit I have enjoyed the vast majority of winter. This comes to me as a shock as I usually witch and moan all winter long that I am too cold. I am attributing my newfound winter appreciation to my discovery of all things wool, flannel, and LLBean. I am also obsessed with my new studded snow tires which ease my mind when having to drive to work in blizzards. I even went skiing for the second time in my whole life. Although winter has been agreeing with me, I could not help but reminisce when I found these photos of bouquets made during the infamous day I got to spend at Elmwood, when times were warmer and I had a day of playing with flowers.