Friday, December 25, 2009


Cardigan: Thrifted, S.A.
Purse: Thrifted,Savers
Belt: Thrifted,Savers
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Navy Herringbone Tights:Target
Mary Janes: Etienne Aigner
Ripoff Rayban Clubmasters: Forever XXI
Necklace: Forever21
Okay so just to make it known, I am OBSSESSED with cardigans. I have upwards of 15 in every color of the rainbow. They are the perfect thing to throw over a t-shirt or a cute blouse or a dress. Seriously they work with everything. They are absolutely a wardrobe staple and kick major butt.
This one is super cute and practical. I love the popcorn knit.
1. I'm mad that we could only find a cheapo digital camera to take pitures with (please excuse my miserable attempts to photoshop these pictures into looking good).
2. It was absolutely freezing outside and my sister who so graciously helped me take these snapshots could not manage to fit me in a frame with my beautiful shoes. We gave up trying to get a good picture after a few minutes because it was so cold.

I promise in the future to get some good pictures. If only I had access to Annie Liebowitz. Maybe someday.

I also wanted to share one of my recent crafting ventures. I found this small table at target for only $4. It was such a deal, I scooped it up intending to turn the white tabletop into something fun. All it took was some taupe spraypaint, paper doilies, some magazine clippings, stickers, and some modgepode et voila, we have a totally different table:

You can literally do this to anything. It's cheap and if you have tons of old magazines laying around like I do, its a perfect way to get rid of them. I like to sift through the pages and find patterns, colors, or prints that I like and then piece them together in a sort of quilt pattern. You really can do whatever, use your imagination!


  1. I wish I had that many cardigans. I LOVE them. I wear them over everything, but they're so hard to find where I am. I'm jealous. D:

  2. Its getting to the point where I will need an intervention. I'm out of control!

  3. Haha. Send them all to me! ;D

  4. your outfit is amazing! I love the cardigan and glasses, perfect vintage look!