Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Since the northeast is anticipating a MAJOR snowstorm today, I feel it is only appropriate to go fake Springtime shopping online. Two designers who have been really influencing my Springtime looks are A.P.C. and Orla Kiely SS2010(Yes I am aware that these two designers have been blogged and blogged about. I don't care, I also think they're fantastic.).

A.P.C is perfectly pulling off a seventies vibe which is making me want to trade in my skinny jeans for bell-bottoms and my flats for some clunky clogs.
Above from Left to right: Cardigan- Forever21, Bag-Rachel Comey for UO, Bell-bottoms: Heritage 81 for Forever21, Clogs with pointelle socks , image found via Google image search Sunglasses- Forever21 Mustard Vest-Forever21

Orla Keily SS 2010 has this simple vintage thing going on which I am loving. These mint green hues make me want to just frolic in fields of dandelions. By the way, I love how the last girl's skirt clearly looks like she is one of the Von Trapp children with her skirt made out of curtain! I want one!

: Mint dress- found via Google image search, Vespa- Um I want one??!! (found via google image search Diana Lomo camera- UO, I want one so I can take pretty pictures just like The Snail and the CyclopsT-strap heels- Urban Outfitters

Sorry to torture you all, I just needed a little escape! For all of you who are about to get snowed in, or for those of you who already are...stay warm and drink some hot cocoa with fluff! I know I will! Cheers!

p.s. If you are suffering from the wintertime blahs this video will surely cheer you up :)


  1. who cares if they've been blogged about over and over! They are the best!! I love both, especially Orla Kiely ^.^ and thanks to you posting about them I can check out their new collection since I had no idea it was up yet! yay ^.^

  2. I am not looking forward to the snow today!

    I really like the 70s inspired collage you put together.

  3. All these looks are making me wish for Spring even more than I already am. Gorgeous!

    Ugh, hate snow! But, I do love your blog!


  4. oh oh the orla kiely images you posted are so dreamy and i want to wear the dresses now even though it is snowing! thank you for posting

  5. I love all of them!
    I am going to click on that video...even if it was sunny(:

  6. I love these too, the colours are so fantastic! I really like the images you posted at the end too. I hoped to get the mint green Diana but it was completely sold out by the time I got mine.

  7. i want the mint green Diana! such a good lookin' camera.

  8. i love these outfit! the vintage vibe is awesome!

  9. Oh la la! These spring outfit are so inspiring! Love all of your pick!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  10. Ahhh, Mint green! Yes please! You can't help but be happy looking at a collage of mint's like mint-chip ice cream for your eyeballs! ;-)