Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jay Leno's Day Off.

I never thought that I would resort to wearing denim on denim, but as I have seen it being pulled off so well by lovely ladies like Stephanie Renee from dores, I had to give it a try. I used to make fun of people for it, calling their ensemble 'joufits'(jean outfits). Never say never, I suppose. I thrifted the denim oxford for really cheap, but its a tad too big for me.

Outfit Details: Denim Oxford...Salvation Army, Jeans...AE, Oxfords...Savers...Duffel Coat... Thrifed Men's watch: UO

Also, while I'm on a rambling roll, how come I seem to look so mad in my photos? Makes sense why I get complete strangers on the street telling me to smile(which I hate, by the way). I'm not unhappy, I guess I'm just not a smiley kind of person? If I look this mad on an average day, imagine what I'm like on a mad day. I would not want to cross paths with me. Death glares galore.
Needless to say, today will not be an unhappy day. Why you may ask?

Ethan and I are going to what may be the coolest place ever... The Hebert Candy Mansion. A CANDY MANSION for crying out loud! A mansion full of candy? How could today not rule!


  1. I like you outfit! The dark denim on the bottom and the light denim on top really works.

  2. oh i love the title of this post... never would have thought of that!! i love stephanie's blog and i'm always inspired by her outfits. this looks fantastic on you...(never say never!!) uh, i'm totally with you on the smiling thing too. i look so angry in a lot of my photos, but i'm not. it drives me craaazy when people are like "don't be angry, you look so cute". have fun in the candy mansion and PLEASE report back with photos on your blog. never heard of such a thing and i'm curious!

  3. I really like the denim on denim here, but I'd probably be too nervous to try it myself

  4. I love this, from the over sized silhouette of the shirt, to the relaxed fit of the jeans. Such a great laid back look!


  5. I have the opposite problem, I smile too much in pictures, I just don't like how I look if I don't smile. It's very annoying.

    I've worn jean on jean, I think in some cases it can work. Usually as long as they're not the same color jean. Like dark on light or light on dark works in my opinion.
    You look nice. :)

  6. Double denim is a look I have always been cautious about but itlook great on you.

  7. denim on denim looks great with different shades! i've been searching for a nice denim shirt. and where is this candy mansion???