Friday, February 19, 2010

Rumor Mill

There is a misconception out there that brown and black clash, but I think when the two are mixed it looks super sophisticated. I'm wearing shorts again, but I honestly if I wear thick enough tights, my toothpick legs stay nice and toasty. I found this pretty satin scarf at the Salvation army, along with these oxfords which are seriously the comfy-est shoes ever! And they were only $2.50, what a steal considering I almost caved and bought a pair online for a million times that price. The cognac color is perfect too since a lot of my purses and belts are that color!

Outfit Details: Shirt and shorts- FE21, Tights- Target,Shoes and Scarf- Salvation Army.

We're still living with Ethan's parents, we're trying to save money before we move. Its the right thing to do, for sure, but I am getting really exhausted with the wait. We were supposed to have our own place at the end of last summer and it keeps getting pushed back and back. I'm grateful I have a roof over my head and food on the table, but I just wish I could have some sense of independence. I just need to be patient... but seriously lets hurry up!


  1. wow, less than $3!!! that's such a great find! I love the tights under shorts look, very cute ^.^

  2. here here for brown and black!


  3. i have just concluded a similar experience myself, living with my boyfriends parents in a completely different state, UGH! it drove me close to nuts, but in the end it was completely worth it, it helped to picture it in retrospect, but i totally feel your pain! :) very sweet outfit by the way too!

  4. great outfit, it looks so snowy in the pics!!!
    Rianna Bethany xx

  5. Amazing shorts! I've been wanting some shorts/pants lately.

  6. wow. love your shoes and hair
    great look

  7. I love this look! The shoes are fabulous. Great find :)

  8. Wow. Those shoes are so amazing. Especially for $3! I love this whole outfit!

    I like your blog a lot!(:

  9. I'm with you on black and brown--and tights in winter. Our skin is thickest on our legs and close fitting layers keep us warmer than loose ones. :)

  10. I absolutely love this outfit. A great vintage feel to it.