Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shorts in the snow and fogged up glasses

New England has finally received that snowstorm that has been evading us and instead has been terrorizing the rest of the United States in strange places like Texas. Freaking El NiƱo. I wish I didn't talk about weather so much in this blog, but seeing as it affects my outfit choices so intensely, I guess it is only inevitable. Sorry if I'm starting to sound like the weather channel.
So here is what I wore today, in honor of Alexa Chung's fantastic collaboration with Madewell (see prior post)

I made the mistake of wearing my glasses today for these photos, they got all foggy and wet. I should have yanked 'em off, but whatever. I would have worn cuter shoes too, but seeing as I was trudging through snow, my Pocahontas fringe boots from Target would work alright. I even wore those gray tights I promised to wear. I love my shorts from Forever 21 (notice the cute brown buttons), but wish they could be a bit more highwaisted (what can i say, I'm a sucker for it).


  1. I got the Star Trek necklace from some vintage etsy shop. I'm pretty sure I just searched "Star Trek" haha!

  2. I WANT SNOWWWWWW. Wherever you live looks absolutely stunning, and that purse is insane!

  3. Haha...I hate it when my glasses fog up like that! You pulled the look together quite well! The weather's strange that's for sure, but sadly still no snow in Austin!

  4. very brave of you! lovely colour combinations

  5. such a cute outfit!!

    lovelove, M.

  6. cute outfit and awesome bag!

    btw I would LOVE it if you checked out my new blog!