Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amongst the Ragweed

This outfit is my Alexa Chung for Madewell collection Summertime edition. A little tidbit about Madewell is that the original brand was based out of New Bedford, MA and J. Crew just bought the company out and adopted its name for its sister store. So you would be as shocked as I was to have found this original Madewell overall dress at the Goodwill. I hemmed it up a bit, but it is almost like having my own Alexa Dress from Madewell, but at pennies compared to what I would spend at the updated Madewell. Super score!
Also, sorry I've been wearing these sunglasses like woah, but I love their classic 90's frame and cannot get enough! The fact that they are tortoise shell just enhances their awesomeness. I got a new watch too at Target which I am obsessed with too for only $10, its very 90's classic preppy also!
I'm going to a friend's wedding tommorow up in NH so you can expect to see some photo documentation. See you around girls and boys!
Picture 451

Picture 452

Picture 449

Picture 456
Outfit Details: Original Madewell dress...thrifted, sunglasses, espadrilles...thrifted, tank,


  1. Love it Rosie. Lucky you and such a great find!

    Lulu Letty

  2. Great dress, it looks so lovely with your backdrop in your photos! Good find :D

  3. Ahhh great overall dress! I actually did the same thing and bought some shlumpy short-alls at the thrift store and cut it into a dress to emulate Alexa...but mine didn't turn out nearly as well as yours did.

    Looks perfect with the espadrilles too!


  4. So I really like that you have the exact same style of hemming as I do, just chop the damn thing off and wham- instant gratification. Who would have ever guessed that Overalls would come back in fashion and I would actually love them. I could not get out of them fast enough when my mom squeezed me into them when I was younger and now I can't get enough.

  5. this is very sweet, I just love the area where you've taken the photos xx

  6. this is the perfect summer dress!

  7. Nice salopette!
    If you want visit and follow:

  8. Amongst the ragweed, how funny!
    Love this outfit, you look so tall and skinny and summery!

  9. amazing X a millon that you found those overalls. for real, like whoa!

  10. its so alexa like!! very cute :)

  11. You're definitely channeling Alexa and I adore the espadrilles you're wearing =)


  12. Holy moley, what a fabulous score!! Looks so fantastic on you!!! Adore it with the espadrilles, beautiful :)

  13. Madewell is a favorite store of mine. Lucky you to find that cute dress in the goodwill!! :D
    Have fun at your friends wedding!

  14. Love what you did with that jumper dress! You look very cute! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥