Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black Swans on a Lonesome Lake

I ventured out the other night to go see a show in a bookstore and was glad I did! Not only did I hear some amazing local music, I ended up making some friends too. Great times were had by all and if you're ever in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire I highly recommend you look up the bands Lonesome Lake and Songstress Christine Hayward. Just fabulous! Yay for getting out of the house and being adventurous!





Outfit Details: Blouse...Thrifted Calvin Klein, Trousers...Thrifted, Belt and Clogs...Forever 21, Purse...Thrifted


  1. lovely outfit! great pictures! xXx bisous!

  2. Love the trousers! very cute Rosie! ^.^

  3. Those pants!!! I need them! I need a pair of olive/khaki pleated pants. I'm glad you had a lovely time at the show at the bookstore. How exciting? :)

  4. Beaaautiful photos, the blouse is lovely! xxx

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  6. you have a very haunting look, i wish i had pants like that.

  7. The colours in these photos are just stunning! Love the whole outfit every piece is perfect!
    I love how you find such pretty places to take your outfit photos in!

    Ayesha x

  8. these photos are just so cool. and the outfit is gorgeous.

    heart: Kimberellie

  9. Love this look doll, I picked me up a pair of these wonderful shoes at XXI, I just need to wait till Spring to wear them now ;)

  10. you are so beautiful :)
    and these shorts fits you perfectly!

  11. Lovely! I like how old fashioned you look!

  12. those pants look just like the aa high-waist pleated pant! and i still love those clogs

  13. these photos are so great too! your a styling genius. i NEED those pants!

  14. I love this! So sophisticated and yet not too serious. Beautiful photos. I'm so glad I found your blog

  15. This is a perfect outfit and I love that the pants and top are thrift but so of the moment. You are a girl close to my thrifter heart. Following you now, would be lovely if you did the same...


  16. So I just stumbled upon your blog after seeing a comment you posted on Julie's and what a small world!! At first I thought it was a huge coincidence that you're from New Hampshire, and then I'm scrolling through your posts and you're mentioning so many familiar places it's insane. I've seen Lonesome Lake play quite a few times. hehe Anyways, great blog! I adore this outfit!