Monday, October 18, 2010


This past weekend, I attended Pumpkinfest in Keene, NH. I've attended quite a few in my day ( it is held every October in the town I went to college in). Its a great time filled with seeing old friends, looking at really neat jack-o-lanterns, and going to bars. Keene actually a few years ago broke the record for the most amount of lit pumpkins in one condensed area until Boston decided to steal the title from the little country town. So not fair. Regardless, its fun, but after the same old routine every year it starts to feel a bit old and since Boston started their own, the whole thing has kind of gone down hill. Rumors are floating around saying that this will be the last festival. But then again they've been saying that for a few years now. Fingers crossed that it won't because it is really a fun tradition.

They set scaffolding up all over the downtown. It looks really beautiful when its all lit up.
Took the obligatory outfit shot on my old campus away from the crowds.
Outfit Details: Scarf...Forever21, Tweed Trench...Tucker for Target, Skinny Jeans...American Eagle,Oxfords...Thrifted, Purse...Levi's

Rainbow! Although not a double rainbow, I was all ready to bust out my you-tube impression. Who am I kidding I did it anyway.


Downtown Keene, also where parts of the movie Jumanji were filmed. Yeah it is that awesome.

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  1. so cool! love the cozy scarf you're wearing ^.^

  2. Your outfit is absolutely adorable.

  3. i love the feel of that little town. it's a bit like my small town but more new england-y and just a whole lot cooler. that tradition of the pumpkins is really awesome and i hope they don't stop doing it. there are some things that need to stick around and an idea as neat as thousands of lit jack-o-lanterns is one of them. and you look super fantastic in your outfit. i love all the fall colors you're wearing which go so well with the environment you are in. this post just got me in a total fall/pumpkin carving/cider drinking mood :)

  4. hey, Rosie! Love your pics! Following you!
    Check out mine, too

  5. Oh my gosh, look at all the pumpkins! This looks like so much fun!

  6. Oh, sounds like such a fun event. Darn that Boston!

    Adore your casual yet chic outfit!

    Lulu Letty

  7. This looks like the most perfect fall day I can think of (Gilmore Girls esk). Wish I was there!

  8. so many pumpkins! and you look so ready for fall- love the scarf and coat :-)

  9. great proportions, colors, textures. love it! looks like a great time :D

  10. Ahh this looks so fun!! I wish we had things like this in England! The best we got this year was a weird clog dancing competition! I hope silly Boston doesn't ruin next years pumpkin fest!

    You look so pretty here too by the way! very autumney :) X

  11. it is so ridiculous how good this outfit is Rosie. words cannot express, my friend!

  12. Love your colors of the outfit. The leaves in the background! :) Perfect autumn outfit!

  13. cute scarf and look, love the rainbow!

  14. This looks like such a gorgeous day! And your scarf has inspired me to buy burnt red yarn and take up knitting again :)