Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Among Us

While I once again appreciate your kind words and sympathies regarding my quarter life crisis situation, I've concluded that my blog is not the most appropriate place to use as an emotional outlet.This is my outlet for FASHION BABY! Like Christopher Columbus, who we celebrate today, I am going to start exploring everything the world has to offer while bringing my skills and traits to the table. Its time for adventure!

Moving on, lets discuss what I am crazy about this fall season...

One of my favorite trends this fall is any and all southwest/navajo inspired. I'm obsessed with this what appears to be handmade dress with its bold and graphic zig-zag patterns. I paired it with my fun fringe boots I got at Target a few years back and this gorgeous rust hat with a fun feather in its cap. The funky rust color is definetly up there with plum for my favorite colors for autumn this season.





All Thrifted with the exception of the Fringe Boots from Target


  1. Good luck working through your quarter-life crisis! You've got plenty of adventures ahead of you, no worries! :)

    And you look gorgeous! I love your dress!

  2. love it!!!!! that dress is amazing! and i love how you styled it. plus your pictures are just gorgeous. i do hope you find ways of grasping life by the horns and going out for new adventures and new fun. you can always vent on your blog. i enjoy getting to know the girl behind the fashion just as much as the fashion itself :)

  3. LOL! what would Christopher Columbus wear? i never thought of that!
    love your pics...modelesque as always.
    xox alison

  4. Fabulous hat!

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    Stacey Kay
    "Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration"

  5. amazing shots and love the dress!
    have a look a our last post ;)

  6. I adore vintage homemade dresses, seeing what someone decided was the best fabric and style for them back in the day. Love these shots - you look like a very stylish outlaw.

  7. Those boots and that dress are freaking amazing! I wish we had a Target in Montreal :(

  8. gah!! I looooove this outfit Rosie!! you look so beautiful ^.^

  9. Stunning photos. Gorgeous hat and shoes! great outfit!

  10. Amazing outfit! I love it!
    Hope you check out my blog, too! ;)

  11. Love the dress and the hat! Great shots!

    check out our fashion illustrations at :)

  12. I am so in awe of your outfits lately. You are the perfect '70s girl. I adore!!! I love zig zag knit and the hat completes the outfit!