Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Orange Sky

One of the current major stresses in my life is money. I have not been handling my finances in the most adult manner and my compulsive shopping habits do not help my already depleting bank account. That being said, today, I am making a promise not to buy any new clothes until the first day of spring. Don't worry though! I have plenty of reserves and clothing that I've bought with the intention of selling and never did. Not only will I save hoards of money, it will give me the opportunity to get creative with my weardrobe! It will be a rough road, but as long as I steer clear of The Salvation Army, Target, and the mall, I should make it through alright.
Socks and shoes is my favorite combination these days. Gotta love thigh highs, knee-highs, trouser, anklet,mesh. Love them all and want to pair these pairs with everything!

align="center">Dress...Saver's, Belt...Thrifted, Shoes...Steve Madden, Socks...Target


  1. I love your dress!! It's such a lovely bright colour and print, and looks amazing next to the green background.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. i really love ur dress. and the background really
    i wonder about the fabric..this dress really gorgeous..

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    in Love&Light

  3. You look beautiful! I too need to manage my finances better :( but it's so hard not to shop!! good luck dear ^.^

  4. i love the socks with shoes!!! and i'm glad that you are taking a very adult approach to your money problem. i think a lot of people don't even consider making changes in their lives to be more financially responsible. plus, it could be really fun! you have such a natural way of styling your clothes that i know you will be super creative with the things that are already in your closet. good luck!!

  5. Good luck with your challenge -- I admire that you're doing your ban until spring (most of my self-imposed ones only lasted a month or two). It'll be interesting to see your outfit combinations from what you have already!

    I love the print of your dress. You seriously have the best vintage dress collection. I'm just in love with your style!

    Sidewalk Chalk

  6. What a pretty dress...
    I think most gals spend too much money on clothes, but this challenge outghta be fun to do!

  7. As they should be. You do socks + shoes very well! You look like a 70's "it" girl in these photos. What a babe!

    I admire you for your shopping ban. Those things never work for me.

  8. oh my gosh, that dress is gooooooorgeous!! what a beautiful color&print! good luck with the shopping ban :) my compulsive purchasing has put me in (I assume) similar financial straits. i may shop at thrift stores, but i do it a lot.

  9. Those photos are super lovely! The dress looks great :D xxxxx

  10. This dress is SO amazing. The print, the mock turtle-neck, the perfect fall colors. I just love it!


  11. That pattern is to die for! I die...

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

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  12. I really love that dress! You've got a great style!

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  13. your a tall gal!


  14. I love these dresses you've been wearing! They're very fall! I just realized that you kind of look like Amanda Peet!

  15. this is a gorgeous fall dress! love it!