Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rosie in a Pear Tree

This oufit is the result of my shopping binge last weekend. I bought this stuff on a trip into Boston when I felt I had nothing to wear. Its funny, with a closet bursting to the seams with clothing, I can still feel as if I have absolutely nothing to satiate my need to feel fashionable. That is something I will have to work upon if I want to continue my shopping ban. I hope with the money I save, I will be able to pay off some of my bills and alleviate the monetary stress I feel right now. I know that if I remain determined I can make it through till spring.

Onto my outfit: I got this knit dress at H&M along with the knee socks. I think the dress will actually come in handy with the chilly weather we've been experiencing and I will be able to mix it up. I also got these shoes at Forever 21. They were just too cute to pass up. I've been needing some black heels and these t-strap clog knock-offs are perfect. My head band is one of my Dad's old knit ties from the 80's. It's kind of ridiculous to think that it was actually popular to wear them back in the day. They seem a bit tacky. I like it as a headband though!

Picking some pears off the pear tree...
To wear as earrings of course! The best part was that they were free!

This little nugget was hanging out in my backyard while I was taking photos. Isn't he the cutest? I have no idea who he belongs to, maybe a neighbor. I hope so because we had lots of fun playing.


  1. I love the shoes, can't believe they're from Forever21. They look legit - super cute.


  2. cute you kitty looks like mine.


  3. I love your knit dress! You always manage to look so stunning in your photos.

    I felt like I didn't have enough in my closet when I did my shopping in the spring, but as time went on I got used to the parameters and was able to make it through with what I had. Best of luck with yours.

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  4. I lovvvveeee the shoes and the socks together. You dress looks so creamy soft and delicious!

  5. This may sound silly but I swear it works! When I'm on a shopping ban I pack up half of my closet into boxes. Then when I'm feeling the urge to shop pull the boxes to discover pieces I had forgotten about!

  6. um yeah, you HAD to buy that dress and those shoes because FOR REALZ you look amazing in them. really. i'm sitting here feeling a little bit of jealousy for how gorgeously simple you are in this. LOVE! (i am using a LOT of caps for EMPHASIS because i really mean the WORDS i'm saying)

  7. I have the same problem sometimes, feeling like I've got nothing to wear! It's horrible, isn't it? But you got a pretty dress to remedy it, at least! :)

  8. i adore the white dress...cute cat!

  9. Wow those shoes are from Forever 21? I was there tonight and did not see those, I may stop by later this week and recheck, your outfit is so pretty :) I feel the same way about my wardrobe, I find I always wear the same things so I cleared a bunch of stuff and it really helped.




  10. loving the socks+clogs
    and that cat is super cute! :)


  11. that dress definitely looks like it has a lot of potential to be dressed up or down, can't wait to see how else you style it!


  12. love this! your pictures are always so perfect :D
    I love how you go for vintage inspired basics aswell I do the same thing!

  13. I love the headcsarf idea. The tones in this pictures are so lovely and evocative of autumn. Also good luck on the shopping ban! I'm most impressed.

  14. those clogs are exactly what ive been looking for all summer! they look crazy good on you, can not believe they are f21!

  15. That dress is stunning--so simple and chic! And what a sweet little cat. I hate when people watch me take outfit photos, but I wouldn't mind a feline audience. ;)