Monday, March 21, 2011

burning a hole in my pocket

Working a new job means more money in my bank account and what better way to utilize my first paycheck than to treat myself to these gorgeous Gap high-waisted trouser jeans. I generally cannot justify spending so much for a pair of jeans, but these babies were just exactly the new addition I've been needing to revamp my wardrobe. I'd been ogling them for weeks and as an added bonus, I can wear them for Casual Friday's at work!

Another plus to having a "real person job" is that I get the weekends off. Having worked as a waitress for the past year, weekends were always spent serving food. Now I can fully enjoy them! I had a great weekend with Jeramy in Brattleboro, VT where I picked up a Kate Bush record on vinyl. The weather was gorgeous and it was nice to grab a delicious maple latte from Mocha Joe's and walk downtown.I hope to have many more excursions to share with my newfound weekend time and when I get around to doing my taxes (yes, I've been putting it off) I hope to buy a new fancy camera with my return, so I'll be sure to post!
Even though I'm significantly more busy during the week and blogging time is hard to come by these days, I promise to make the effort to stick around!


  1. I love Kate Bush! The Wuthering Heights videos are hilarious and amazing, and she has such an awesome voice!
    Congrats on the big girl job...I need to get myself one of those sometime soon!

  2. you look like a 70s goddess in this! love the jeans (great buy) and the blouse/cardigan combo. so fantastic! and yes, those are the perks of a big girl job. i love that i have my money and i can spend it how i want! so liberating!

  3. i recently learned what it's like to have weekends off too! so great.

    i love those jeans! i want a pair, but i'm saving. i got a pretty rad pair of vintage ones in the mean time.


  4. those jeans are to die for.

    i hope to one day get weekends off.
    funny how thing like that matter now.

    glad you had a lovely weekend.
    Kate Bush rules!

  5. I love the jeans! They look very flattering.

  6. Ahh those jeans are incredible! Your legs looks 100 miles long. It must be so nice to finally have your weekends to yourself. Brattleboro is such a fun place to spend 'em too. :) I have to get over there one of these days...

  7. those pants look soooo good on you! I don't think I could ever pull them off. and yes! please stick around! I loooove your blog lady ^,^

  8. Those jeans looks great,your whole look really reminds me of Jane Birkin. I know what you mean about finding the time when you work 9-5, I hope you can find it though as I really enjoy reading your posts.

  9. So lovely! Today I was in gap and just HAD to buy a pair just like these (maybe they're the same!) and although my wallet doesn't thank me, I don't regret it. They're perfect. They look so great on you!!


  10. You are so precious. I love the wide legged denim.. especially adorned by the wilderness. love...

    kisses, hope to hear from you
    amy !

  11. Lovely, your new wide leg trousers are absolutely amazing on you & beautifully styled. SO wonderful to find your blog, it's gorgeous. xx veronika

  12. That outfit is just darling! I adore 70s fashion :)