Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi! Fun things going on lately! Trips to Keene,NH, Northampton, MA, and Peterborough, NH have yielded many exciting adventures for Jeramy and I. We saw two shows (William Fitzsimmons at the Starving Artist and Kaki King at The Iron Horse). Side note, we got to meet William, epic beard and all, who upon introducing himself asked Jeramy and I if we had met him before! Obviously we had never met, but yeah I felt cool...perhaps he is a Rosemud Follower. Ha! Jeramy snagged me his signed set list too (p.s. read Jeramy's Blog Timbre Leaf if you were interested in hearing more about the show. You can listen to some of William's tracks there too.) We ate lots of yummy food including falafel and smoked turkey sandwiches with gouda cheese, apples, and walnuts (not in the same sitting to make things clear). There has been plenty of vegging out involved too. We watched The Graduate on Netflix as well as many Dr. Who episodes( Jeramy is succeeding in passing on his obsession with the British Sci Fi show onto me). I finally did my taxes and happily found out that I'm getting a healthy chunk of money back (maybe, just maybe I'll  buy a super fancy camera with my refund...?) . And of course, to top off all this 'fun'ness  we partook in probably my most favorite pastime--- we  perused countless vintage and antique stores where I bought two new pretty springtime frocks. Hooray.

It sure has been a good time and with spring on its way (Yes, I actually spotted a few bulbs sprouting out of the ground proof that my snow shoveling days are numbered...who am I kidding, I don't shovel snow. I leave that to my Dad!) yeah uh so where was I? Oh yes, I do have some fun Boston excursions lined up, hopefully I'll have more to share coming soon!



  1. Man I wish I would've gone to that show! Looks like you've been having tons of fun. We should totally meet up this Spring! You've been going to all my favorite spots! ^_^ Where's that 4th photo from? Oh and tax refunds are the best. I just sent mine in 2 days ago & I'm expected a decent amount back too. So excited.

  2. I love live music


  3. I go to school in Northampton :D