Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Hiatus

Photos by Jeramy at Gregg Lake in Antrim, NH

To be honest, I have not had much desire in the past year to blog. Life has been crazy working a job that eats up the majority of my day and leaves me drained at the end. This blog used to be a place where I could share my thoughts and experiences and because I have not been taking time for myself, I have suffered somewhat of a depression, hence the lack of posting. I've been taking pictures here and there with my new camera, but really have not taken the time to get myself familiarized with it and am frustrated that my photos do not turn out the way I want them to. I'm also stuck in a rut with my wardrobe. I am completely and utterly uninspired with it all.

That being said, I'll have some posts coming up when I get around to it, but please don't expect me to be around much in the next few weeks, I want to take the time to re-evaluate myself and what I need to do in order to be happy and eventually get this blog up to snuff and renew my passion for Rosemud.


  1. we'll all be here when you get back :)

  2. Hopefully the summer will give you time to recover and feel wonderful again. I look forward to your return

    Anjelica xxx

  3. I did that too. When I was at school I was stuck in a rut and so I decided to take a break. I just wasn't feeling that inspired or much like myself. After a few months I've gone back, but I don't know if I can keep it up. Take care.

    The Girl in the Paper Dress

  4. sometimes taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture and what you want to make out of it is the best way to rejuvenate your passion for something. i'm hoping that you find your inspiration soon!

  5. totally happens to me as well. i am currently on a little summer break just to get away and to enjoy myself. the internet sure doesn't help me when i'm in a bloggin' rut, so a break is good!
    can't wait for you to come back though! i love your style and posts. you'll be feelin' better in no time, hopefully :) enjoy your summer!

  6. I hear you on that one. Summer is always the best time for reflection and a much need adventure towards happiness. Hopefully you pop up now and then to blog.

  7. I felt the same way last Fall, I sometimes still feel like that, my rut was more in the design department, I could not get inspired and then a few months later I got back up and feel better, but it's normal to feel like this sometimes. Internet is a weird thing, I remember when I did not have it, things were much simpler and for some reason I did not stress as much as I do today. Just be you and be happy :) I will still be around reading your blog.