Saturday, November 19, 2011

late fall lately

DSC_0210.JPGBeen making lattes and lattes galore, my favorite to make are pumpkin spiced lattes. I've also been "knitting" a lot and these are the colors of yarn that I've been using. I use the term knitting loosely, I'm kind of cheating with one of those circle loom thingys, which makes things easy for a novice knitter such as myself. And whilst sipping on my latte and knitting my hats, I cannot stop listening to my new Feist, Metals album on vinyl. Man, do I have a super girl crush on Leslie Feist. This album is legit super fantastic. Thats about all that has been occupying my time other than a TV show we've been watching on Netflix, which I will post about on a later date because it is that amazing and totally deserves its own post.
What have you guys been up to lately?