Monday, November 21, 2011

Parker's Maple Barn

Pancakes. Yes. Awesome. And no better a place to get them than at Parker's in Mason, NH. I used to come here as a kid and have fond memories of bundling up and going first thing in the morning before going to church with my family. The place is really kitschy with silly memorabilia nailed to the wall, which makes it all the better. I had gingerbread pancakes and Jeramy had pumpkin and we of course smothered them in maple syrup made fresh on the premises. There was also maple coffee, which ended up being a bit disappointing and weak, so we made some delicious homemade maple lattes later on in the day( we're serious coffee snobs). It ended up being a reasonably warm day, probably one of the last ones we'll have this year, but I still wanted to cozy up in my new to me sweater I found at an antique store. This is a place where memories are made, so if you're a pancake fan and are ever in Mason, NH...go.



  1. looks so good, now i'm craving pancakes!
    i really like your grey sweater too!

  2. these photos are stunning and you are looking mighty fine my friend <3

  3. i don't get the pose in the last photo?

    rest is awesome though