Friday, December 23, 2011

North Country

Outfit Details: Cape, sweater...Thrifted, Velvet Headband...American Apparel, Jeans...BDG, Chesea Boots...ASOS
Photos by Jeramy

I was so excited to have found this cape on a thrifting hunt a few weeks ago. It is everything and more that I had been looking for in a cape and I'm so glad I held out on buying one, because this once is perfect for me, well almost, I'm pretty sure I am going to replace the buttons since the faux military buttons aren't really my thing. My goal is to replace them with some tortoise shell buttons. I wore this outfit last week to a show out in Peterborough, where I randomly ran into Michal of North Country Girl. She was very sweet and her new haircut looks awesome! We hope to meet up soon and grab some coffee together since we mingle in the same area of NH.


  1. Ohh, your cape is truly a dream! I love the oversized buttons!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. so pretty!!! i love your posts:)

  3. Beautiful cape! Merry Christmas!

  4. Such a pretty cape Rosie! I love it, that button change will make it look even more amazing, Merry Christmas doll :)

  5. Dude if you ever find another cape like that thrifting GET IT FOR ME. haha. Seriously though, it's the perfect shape and an amazing color. I really love your boots too. Anyway, we definitely need to do coffee soon. After I move to Keene in a couple weeks I'll be around alll the time so we should definitely hang out then. Lately I've been finding some good stuff at that Cass's Closet thrift store on West St, we should go there too!

  6. an excellent find indeed! The color, the pockets! I've been refraining from getting a cape, too, although I really want one - the perfect one hasn't showed up yet...

  7. Love the pictures! The cape is so perfect!

    Merry Christmas!