Wednesday, July 25, 2012


New Hampshire is lucky enough to have a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean. It is very small however, and we've managed to make it a very tacky place over the years. Seedy motels line the main strip, along with a ramshackle arcade. But tacky can be fun. I went a few weeks ago with my sister Sarah and some friends cracked a few beers and hung out on the beach. The water, as usual, was absolutely frigid, so the day consisted of running into the water, running back out teeth chattering and legs numb, only come back and fry on my towel. I should not say fry however, as I wore sunscreen that made my skin glow. UV protection, you guys! Here are a few of the disposable snaps from the day.

Hampton BeachHampton BeachHampton BeachHampton BeachHampton Beach


  1. Awwh, Hampton Beach.. I've spent way too many birthday's to count there. In fact, I think I rang in my 21st birthday by almost getting arrested for drinking a beer 10 or 20 minutes before it turned midnight! I think that was the craziest my juvenile delinquencies ever got though.

    I used to like going to Rye but I haven't been in so long, maybe we should have a cool beach date this summer ?!

  2. love the photos and how relaxed you look.