Saturday, September 29, 2012


I think picnics are one of the best things in life and to be able to have one with the most stylish, intelligent, hilarious, and unique girls I know on the internet was incredible and in Central Park nonetheless! Hosted by Siri of Ringo Have a Banana and Cloth App, we got our Kinfolk on, eating assorted cheeses, crackers, fruits, and other charcuteries all afternoon. Let me tell you, we were fancy. It was a lovely time to chat and get to know, in real life, the girls I stalk on a daily basis.
Blogger PicnicBlogger PicnicBlogger PicnicBlogger Picnic
Liz of Olive My Love who so awesomely let me stay in her apartment. This girl is a doll!
Blogger Picnic
Kennedy and Wray
Blogger PicnicBlogger Picnic
Katie-Louise Ford and the behind of Kallie from Happy Honey Lark
Blogger Picnic
Kater from All this Happiness classing the place up by chugging Pellegrino.
Blogger Picnic
Last photo of Siri and I by Wray, check out Cloth App where you can catalog your everyday outfits!

Oh and this happened...


  1. love to see so many of my favorite fashion bloggers altogether!

  2. That picture is potentially the most accurate representation of me of all time.

    UGH I miss everyone something awful! Things like this need to happen more often somehow!

  3. It was so lovely meeting you darling heart, hope to see you around whilst i'm still on your side on the globe xx

  4. Where's the cream dress from? Absolutely love it!