Monday, October 1, 2012


On a sweltering September night in Brooklyn, I had the honor to visit Amy's studio in Greenpoint and chat with her and Siri over some chilled wine, bought at the bodega from down the street. We took our little gathering up on the roof, which was a bit risky, as Amy has gotten yelled at every time she has snuck up there, but as luck would have it we spent about an hour watching the sunset without getting reprimanded. It was more than worth the risk.
Greenpoint SunsetGreenpoint SunsetGreenpoint Sunset


  1. Lovely ending of your day. Who could yell about wanting to see such a beautiful sight?

  2. These are some really stunning photos! Seeing the light of the sun clearly is one of the reasons why I love staying up on our roof. Roofs make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and they allow you to witness quite a few delightful moments that people on the streets cannot see.

    Laurelle  Baughman

  3. It’s always a beautiful sunset! Anyway, every time you go up on your roof, be sure to stay safe. Like you, I’m willing to take the risk just to be able to have a glimpse of the wonderful sunset.

    -Saundra Wordlaw

  4. The rooftop is one of the best places in the house to bond. :) I'm glad the two of you had a great time watching the sunset. I do that sometimes too with my girl. Well, just be extra careful when going up there, Rosie.

    Willene Fagen

  5. I always love staying in our rooftop! This is the place I consider as the most relaxing. By the way, have you tried star gazing too? Looking at the stars is my best stress reliever!

    -Hugh Dinatale

  6. Oh goodness, that’s a breathtaking view! Amy’s studio is placed in a perfect spot, and the roof deck just provides a romantic place for you to witness all the wonderful sceneries on Earth, just like that sunset! =)

    Nelson Mcglaughlin