Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Edge Of Love

I just watched the film Edge of Love with Kiera Knightley(another style icon of mine) and Sienna Miller and just completely fell in love with the costuming! The film is set in WWII Brittain and by golly, are there every so many chunky knit sweaters paired with adorable florals. UGH I just want to have it all! Does anybody have the number for the costume director? We need to be BFFs ASAP, so I can have this wardrobe.

ahh mustard cardigan, how I love thee.

I've blogged about galoshes like these before. I think the universe is telling me that I need a pair.

photos found via google search

AND since we're on the topic of vintage fashion and Brittain, here are some photos of Mom from her trip to England and Scotland in the early eighties. I wish she still owned this stuff!

Pip Pip Cheerio!!!!!!!


  1. Oh gosh I know. That mustard cardigan is taunting me. I haven't seen the movie but I've sene tons of bloggers posting about it. OH those outfits. I'm in love. I actually got a pair of gumboots which I've been wearing with a floral dress, still trying to find that perfect mustard cardigan though. . .

  2. Kiri, I definetly recommend you watch it, if not just for the fashion! here is a link to a website where you cand watch the movie!


  3. That movie actually really bored me, but the clothes did not. Stunning outfits throughout and both starlets are so gorgeous in them. Your mother looks really stylish too! Why don't they ever save their clothes...? ;)

  4. Yeah, its definetely an acquired taste Rebecca. I was just so enthralled with the setting and clothes that perhaps I overlooked the whole package.