Thursday, December 5, 2013

Autumn in film

Fuji disposable camera film // Autumn 2013

Perpetual change in seasons that circle round, spinning this Earth on its axis. Spin round my existence, watching the leaves shrivel and float to the frost bitten and browned blades of grass, which once gleamed emerald green with dew in the morning summer light. I pick up a leaf and it crumbles in my palm. A burst of wind takes it away and chills my pale and slender hand to the very bone. A leaf that once flamed orange on its branch, burning ardently for the change that is always near, now vanished. A new leaf shall bud again when crocuses appear erect from the wet garden, when the finch sings their high pitched trill and the leaf will unfurl itself into the world forevermore.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Being the first day of spring and all and even though here in New Hampshire we just got a foot of snow dumped on us, I wanted to spotlight the Spring and Summer collection 2013 by Samantha Pleet. I happened to meet Samantha while I was in NYC last fall while she was promoting her shoe launch with Wolverine. She is very sweet and had a lot of fun with us playing dress up in her beautiful clothes. I cannot express how much I adore her clothing, the simplicity, yet originality of her color palettes and silhouettes really make it accessible to the woman who feels adventurous and stylish, yet does not want to come across as garish or overdone.I find her designs very refreshing, simple, and perfect for spring.

Clothing Design: Samantha Pleet 
Photography: Jacqueline DiMilia
Styling: Martha Violante
Models: Eliska @ Major
Sinara @ Muse
Hair: Bryce Scarlett
Makeup: Jessa Blades
Shoes: Wolverine 1000 Mile by Samantha Pleet
Jewelry: Cold Picnic
Headpieces: Sarah Frances Kuhn
Set design: Patrick Pleet

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Inspiration comes to me in many forms, but no more than with the nature that I experience every day living in New Hampshire. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of this country where I have forests, fields, mountains, lakes, oceans, and get to experience all four of the seasons. I have noticed that with a lot of my outfit photos I find myself almost camouflaging into the backdrop. I like how this happens, mostly by accident. I feel united with nature and like I belong somewhere.
DSC_0026.JPG All clothing thrifted

Saturday, March 9, 2013


A recent trip down to Cambridge, MA for the weekend, photos via a disposable camera. We walked around Harvard and visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I enjoyed a very tasty chicken salad. We froze down to the bone and got snow blown in our face by high winds. We warmed up in a little cafe on Berkeley Street and another down by Fenway. I had no luck buying any vintage clothes and Jeramy had no luck with vinyl. I went to a concert with a bunch of metalheads. Boston, you're okay.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

SPRINGspiration 2013

Winter is trying to make a comeback today with a snowstorm and I am trying to keep my spirits up by making this collage of my ideal spring outfit. Take that Winter. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


 Spring must spring soon. These cold, overcast days and insane blizzards where I get buried up to my waist have an end in sight. March is upon us and the big thaw is imminent. I have vowed that once the first few crocuses peek through the muddy soil that I will start honing my floristry skills. The above photos were my first real crack at it this past summer at Elmwood. Not only do my floristry skills need some work, but my abandoned digital camera needs to be mastered as well (notice all of these photos are out of focus).

I must admit I have enjoyed the vast majority of winter. This comes to me as a shock as I usually witch and moan all winter long that I am too cold. I am attributing my newfound winter appreciation to my discovery of all things wool, flannel, and LLBean. I am also obsessed with my new studded snow tires which ease my mind when having to drive to work in blizzards. I even went skiing for the second time in my whole life. Although winter has been agreeing with me, I could not help but reminisce when I found these photos of bouquets made during the infamous day I got to spend at Elmwood, when times were warmer and I had a day of playing with flowers.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Blogging? Oh right, that thing that I used to do more than once every few weeks? I remember. These photos have been waiting in Iphoto since Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving. In between basting the turkey, my sister Kathryn took some photos for me so that I could show off the coolest blouse I found at the Salvation Army. It basically is a recipe book, but on a blouse. I can make Anise cookies, date bars, fruit cake, and oatmeal cookies simply by looking on my shirt. I wish I could say that I made some of these treats for Thanksgiving, but that was definitely not the case since you could find me laying on the couch from a food coma by eating whatever came my way.I do not want to give you the impression that I'm not a baker. Quite the contrary I have been busy baking a ton recently, experimenting with carrot cake,muffins, perfecting my pumpkin pie, and most recently learned to make baklava with Jeramy's Greek Mom. Something about baking in the cooler months just makes sense and keeps me from complaining about how cold I constantly am in the winter, since I can be found huddled by the oven baking up a storm wearing sweatpants, a giant cardigan, and L.L. Bean "wicked good" slipper moccasins. Don't let these photos fool you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I've been a bit bored with the idea of posed outfit photos for quite some time now and as you may have noticed, I have been trying to take a departure from being just a style blogger to documenting more bits and pieces of my life and the places I visit. This is no such post. I had to show off my new hare tote that I purchased from Lawrence. Francesca had tweeted that she was making a hare tote in addition to her already famous fox tote and I could not have clicked the Buy Now paypal button any faster. My trustworthy Fieldguided tote was getting faded and grubby-looking after many a coffee spills and who could resist bunnies? Certainly not me. Took these photos in front of my father's prized pear tree, since I was bored sitting at home recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out. Yeah, thats right, I wore lipstick while doped up on pain-meds. I cared that much. Hares & PearsHares & PearsHares & Pears
Notice the slightly glazed over look in my eye. Thank you, oxycodone.Hares & PearsHares & PearsHares & Pears

Outfit Details: Denim button-down, American Eagle//Belt & Skirt, thrifted//Hare tote, Lawrence//Tassel Loafers, Bass Weejuns//Brass Signet Ring, In God We Trust//Lipstick, Nars; Fire Down Below

Friday, October 5, 2012


For five dollars to support my hometown's historical society, one can meander around the Amherst Village Green admiring beautiful antiques and not buying anything, but an old book about New Hampshire because everything else is far too expensive for your thrift store tastes. It was a beautiful way to spend an early fall afternoon. It was also the perfect excuse to wear my new Toujours Toi, Family Affairs dress that I fell in love with recently on a visit to Nina's studio in NYC and play with my new 50mm lens. Antiques on the GreenAntiques on the GreenAntiques on the GreenDSC_0012.JPGDSC_0016.JPGDSC_0017.JPGDSC_0023.JPGDSC_0047.JPGDSC_0051.jpg

Monday, October 1, 2012


On a sweltering September night in Brooklyn, I had the honor to visit Amy's studio in Greenpoint and chat with her and Siri over some chilled wine, bought at the bodega from down the street. We took our little gathering up on the roof, which was a bit risky, as Amy has gotten yelled at every time she has snuck up there, but as luck would have it we spent about an hour watching the sunset without getting reprimanded. It was more than worth the risk.
Greenpoint SunsetGreenpoint SunsetGreenpoint Sunset